Wedding Coordinating Services

Yay – You’re engaged!

A Wedding Coordinator Who Gets It

You and your fiancé probably have so much excitement in your hearts right now… But by now you may have realized weddings require a tremendous amount of work. Whether you love planning or not, this part can be a little overwhelming. Planning your wedding shouldn’t feel like a second job! 

That’s where I come in…

Trust me, I’ve been there in so many ways that I totally get it. I have experience working as a wedding coordinator, event planner, and venue manager in my previous work experience. I’ve been doing weddings since 2017, so truthfully, I have lost track of how many weddings I have coordinated. I’ve also been a bridesmaid and maid of honor, I’ve helped friends plan their wedding, AND I’ve been a bride! And now I’ve started my own wedding coordinating business because I truly believe wedding planning should be FUN and STRESS FREE! Why on earth should a bride and groom have to reinvent the wheel for their wedding when someone has already experienced all of this before. I’m here to take all of my experience and give you the help you need so you can enjoy one of the most exciting and special times of your life.

Carried Over The Threshold

Not everyone is a planner, and that’s okay! Some brides prefer someone else to do all of the work and that’s where I come in. This package can include anything and everything from helping you pick out a venue, vendors, attending meetings, scheduling the wedding weekend, creating save the dates & invitations, tracking RSVPS, keeping up with to-do lists (don’t worry, they’re already made for you), unlimited access to my email and phone, running the wedding rehearsal, day of coordination, and everything included in the “Take My Hand” package!

Take My Hand

Think of me as your right hand woman! I’d be helping you out with your wedding timeline, budget, floorplan, ultimate wedding to do checklists, vendor check-ins, vendor payment reminders, unlimited emails, monthly phone calls, in person/zoom meetings, walkthrough of venue month of wedding, lead ceremony rehearsal, collect card box, guest book, memorial pictures, place card box, guest book, memorial pictures, check in with vendors, check in with bridal party, and anything that comes up day-of so you don’t need to stress.

Down the Aisle

Think of this as the “day of wedding coordinator” package. This is a good choice if you feel like you have the planning under control but just want someone there on the day of your wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly. I’ll provide you with lists that you can fill out for your vendors, timeline, and give you to-do lists so you can check them off and write me notes to keep me in the loop. We’ll meet one time before your wedding and then I’ll help out with the rehearsal and be the main girl in charge on the day of so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day!

DIY Bride

“Just give me some lists and I’ll do it myself!” The “I got this” bride. Pay a small fee for checklists that will help you plan your wedding that you can edit to your own specifications. Files include an all-inclusive wedding planning check list, week of check list, day of check list, venue comparison list, timeline guide, budgeting checklist, etc.

Ready to stop stressing?